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Virgin Atlantic to fly to Tokyo Haneda from 2014

Published: 17/09/2012 - Filed under: News »

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Virgin Atlantic Airways on September 14 issued a press release on its Japanese site announcing that flights between London and Japan will use Tokyo Haneda instead of Tokyo Narita airport from the spring of 2014.

Haneda Airport, the city’s original airport and one used primarily by domestic flights, is located about 19 km from central Tokyo and is the final stop of the Tokyo Monorail. It is generally considered more convenient for visiting the city than Narita Airport, which is located about 66 km from the centre (see story here).

British Airways launched flights to Haneda Airport in September of 2010 (see story here).

On January 24 this year, Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism announced that it has reached an agreement with the UK to increase the number of landing slots at both Haneda and Narita airports. 

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Nicholas Olczak

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StephenLondon - 17/09/2012 14:20

But what time are their slots - silly o'clock??

BusinessTraveller - 17/09/2012 15:23

Thanks for your comment StephenLondon. We've now received a press release from Virgin which states:

"The announcement follows Haneda Airport’s plans to develop its International Terminal and daylight slots being made available to long haul carriers from spring 2014."

No specific timings have yet been given.


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