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Turkish Airlines expands Ataturk departures lounge

Published: 12/02/2014 - Filed under: News »

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Turkish Airlines has expanded and redesigned its departures lounge at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport.

The carrier has added another 2,400 sqm to the 3,500 sqm Turkish Airlines Lounge Istanbul, increasing the size of the facility by 40 per cent and its capacity to over 1,000 guests.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Istanbul

Turkish Airlines Lounge Istanbul

The expanded lounge now has a second floor that connects to the original space via a spiral staircase.

In the original lounge area, which includes a children's playground, library, billiards area, prayer room and teleconference section, there is now an enlarged rest and shower space and additional massage beds.

Facilities also include free wifi, meals and snacks, a tea garden reminscent of those found in Istanbul, a miniature model of Istanbul complete with Scalextric race track, games consoles and a golf simulator.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Istanbul

Turkish Airlines Lounge Istanbul

Turkish Airlines Lounge Istanbul

Miles and Smiles Elite, Elite Plus, Star Alliance Gold Card Members and Business Class passengers can access the lounges. All can bring a guest apart from those in Business Class.

Last year, Turkish Airlines opened its new arrivals lounge at Ataturk Airport (see news, September 12).

Graham Smith

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Stamford - 12/02/2014 15:14

It is worth adding that TK's Miles & Smiles Elite and Elite Plus members are allowed to bring family members (i.e. more than 1 guest) while travelling on TK's domestic flights and international flights departing from Turkey.


Your statement that only one guest is allowed whilst true for non-family members doesn't necessarily provide the full picture.

KSHaggag - 15/02/2014 07:45

Good that TK is enlarging the facility coz although huge it was always crowded at peak times and given the fact that TK s network is almost among the largest in the world ,all times are becoming peak periods .

I really wish the shower and relaxation area is now more spacious .

PiotrGorecki - 19/03/2014 19:14

Visited IST last week; before the expansion it was already very good, now no doubt it is one of the best lounges in Europe.


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