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British Airways A320 Club Europe

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British Airways is in the process of fitting new seating across the majority of its short-haul A320 fleet.

The main difference is the reconfiguration of the seating so that both Euro Traveller (economy) and Club Europe (business class) have the same seat pitch of around 30 inches.

BA A320

BA has begun fitting new seating across its short-haul A320 fleet

This is a review of the first flight by the A320 aircraft to be first refitted with this standard seating on a 3.5-hour journey from London Heathrow to Kiev, Ukraine.

To read a review of the return flight, with lots more pictures and musings on the exit rows in Euro Traveller, click here.


I arrived at London Heathrow Terminal 5 at 0530 for my 0650 departure on BA840 to Kiev.

I had already checked-in online, so walked straight through to fast-track security, where there was no queue, and was quickly airside.

By checking the screens, I knew that the flight was departing from Satellite C, which is accessed via the transit train. There is no lounge over at C, but there is at B, so I took the lift down to the transit train, and headed over to B, where I disembarked and went up to the lounge.


As you'd expect, the lounge was almost empty at this time of the morning. I had some cereal and a bacon sandwich along with a coffee, then noticed that the flight was showing as boarding, despite the time only being 0550, some 60 minutes before departure.

I enquired why this was so and was told it was a known fault in the system and I should ignore it since I still had plenty of time. I did so, and then went back down to the transit train at about 0610.

There was a five-minute wait for the next train back to Satellite C (I had just missed one). Once there, I took the lift up to the departures level, and was second in the priority queue for boarding.


This commenced 30 minutes before departure at 0620 and was via an air bridge onto the aircraft. I found my seat (4F — a window seat) and sat down.


This is British Airways' new short-haul seating, which is being retrofitted across its A320 fleet (see news, June 16).

We will have a seat map drawn up shortly, but the configuration is 2-2 in Club Europe (business short haul) and 3-3 in Euro Traveller (economy).

BA A320 new short-haul seating

BA A320 new short-haul seating

BA new short-haul Club Europe

The seating is ABC-DEF throughout the aircraft, but in Club Europe the middle seat is blocked out with a tray table, so seats B and E are not sold.

Depending on how many seats have been booked in Club Europe, a curtain is moved up and down the cabin. On this flight the curtain was just after row 6, although the back row was empty, so I moved there shortly after take-off.

The seating configuration is from rows 1-28, with no rows missing (there is a row 13, for instance).

In Club Europe, the middle seat is blocked with a central tray table with a half-leather, half-wood effect surface, where you can place work items and drinks. On the return flight I asked for that to be demonstrated to me, and I describe it here.

The back of the seat has netting for placing personal items, although these will bang against your knees, and also a slot at the top where magazines can be placed.

BA claims you can hang your tablet from this slot to watch your own IFE. But, of course, that only works if you have an appropriate tablet case. Mine is just a simple sleeve, so I wasn't able to use this feature.

Note that there is no in-seat power for any of the seats, so for flights of a longer duration (over three hours) such as this one, if you are working there is the issue that your devices will have powered down by the time you arrive.

BA A320 new short-haul seating

BA A320 new short-haul seating

The new seats look lovely, and are pleasant and comfortable for sitting. Since this was newly-fitted, the cabin smelt fresh, with the leather adding to the effect.

The seats have adjustable head rests, which as well as going up and down, depending on your height, also have winglets allowing you to rest your head to one side or another, although few of the people I saw sleeping had made use of this feature. Perhaps then, it's worth the cabin crew pointing it out as it certainly helps prevent your head lolling around when you are asleep or trying to sleep.

One point — since this is a retrofit of the seating, although new mood lighting has been introduced, there is no change to the inflight entertainment (there isn't any), and the overhead screens simply show the safety video and then revert to the flight map for the duration of the flight.


In Club Europe, the front row is the one you need if you want to work on a laptop. There just isn't enough room in the seats behind this, especially if the passenger in front reclines their seat.

In Euro Traveller, the exit rows are best — the over-wing rows 11 and 12 have more room, but only by a few inches. See here for pictures of that.

I started out in window seat 4F, and this felt very tight for room. When the teenage girl in front of me reclined her seat to sleep (and who could blame her, since this was a very early start for most of us), all I would have been able to do is read a book.

British Airways A320 legroom

So I moved back to row 6, which on this flight was the last row of Club Europe, and worked there for the remainder of the flight.

My new seat was 6C and it seemed there was more room than in 4F, but an accurate estimate of which rows offer more room will have to wait for the second review, after I've had a chance to walk around the empty aircraft in Kiev.


We had a long taxi and took off around 0720. Hot towels were offered after take-off and then the breakfast service started. This was in two courses, first cold and then hot.

BA short-haul food — cold

BA short-haul food — hot

Wines and Champagne (Monopole) were offered with the meal, although many people in Club Europe didn't eat, but just had coffee.

The rest of the flight passed off without incident and we landed on time in Kiev. I remained on the aircraft to fly back. The return review is here.


These are comfortable seats, with a lovely leather finish, some nice touches — such as the magazine pocket doubling as an iPad holder, provided you have an appropriate case — and new mood lighting in the aircraft. For Euro Traveller, this is an improved offering. Ths service in both cabins was outstanding.

The reduction in leg room for Club Europe, while understandable, is regrettable, but it's hard to point to a competitor that is taking a different path, with Lufthansa-aligned airlines making similar moves on its short-haul network.

BA points out that passengers buy Club Europe for many reasons, whether transferring onto or from a long-haul flight, or because they want more personal space, or they simply want to work. The reduction in seat pitch from 34 to 30 inches makes that last part difficult however, unless you secure the front row.

Instead, you now have to consider the whole package — the extra room courtesy of the middle table, the enhanced food and drink (including Champagne), the lounges, the priority boarding, first off the aircraft at the other end, increased avios earning and so on. Club Europe will be around for a few years yet, it seems.


Plane Type: A320

Configuration 2-2 Club Europe (business), 3-3 Euro Traveller (economy)

Seat width: 18 inches

Seat pitch: 30 inches

Seat recline: Club Europe recline is 3“ and Euro Traveller is 2“.

Tom Otley

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Greekbuddy - 20/07/2014 23:26

I am a BA Gold card holder and I already think that the existing Club Europe product is inferior. The replacement product will be very difficult to justify for many business people. I've spoken to many frequent flyers and they feel that this is a bad move by BA. did BA do any market research amongst business customers? If they did I'm sure people would not have wanted reduced leg room and no working space.

Imagine flying to say Cyprus for over 4 hours in these new seats, let's see how long it takes before BA increases the leg room to how it was before. I believe this will be like the screw- up when they got rid of the Union Jack as they were an " international airline". This will be a costly mistake!

millionmiler - 24/07/2014 11:34

BA is simply playing catch up with Lufthansa here. The same style of seat. Its a pity that on routes up to 4 or so hours passengers are made to suffer on this new short haul product.

Alex_Fly - 24/07/2014 13:44

I'm just glad Tom got to Kiev and back alive!

Crazy world we live in.

seasonedtvlr - 14/02/2015 07:00

The new Club Europe seat has a slight overhang (due to the magazine holder) which if the passenger in front reclines can crush your laptop screen, so beware. Also the spacing and pitch of this seat is totally inadequate. BA need to think about a medium haul product for destinations like Athens and Istanbul as sitting in this seat is a chore on both routes.

Sunnyskies - 05/03/2015 19:31

I've just tried new club seats and have got to say they're awful as there's no leg room at all,feel ripped off as used my air miles for the trip which are double the amount needed for economy but getting the same product ! Won't bother in future and will stick with monarch or easy jet as one can at least buy extra legroom if needed as I've just gone to rome about 2hrs and was so uncomfortable the whole journey so if go Cyprus,Tenerife etc which can be upto 5hrs long it will be become an absolute nightmare so better choices elswhere,sorry ba but you've really messed up big time!!!!!
Ba should remember that travelling club Europe should mean comfort like in premium economy long haul and privacy as well as superior food and drink,shame on you ba for just making club Europe smaller so you can fit extra seats in economy and discard with the loos at the back of the planes !!!!!!!

Karsiyaka59 - 05/04/2015 06:11

BA Club Europe, SORRY Never again. As a frequent flyer between Cyprus and UK I travelled with BA on the Gatwick Larnaca run booking club in the hope of extra legroom. A joke. The flight was like Ryanair without the scratch cards and the trumpet fanfares. 4 hrs with my knees pressed into the back of the seat in front are not compensated fro by free drinks and a two course meal.My complaints went unanswered for 2 months when I finally got a call from BA some 9 weeks later My issues were not addressed at all, just a £100 e- voucher to shut me up. I have the return leg today and am not looking forward to it. No in flight entertainment, no leg room and to cap it all when I tried to check in online I cannot choose a seat without first agreeing to pay extra for my hold baggage. What a farce. Club sell itself as giving 2 x 32 kgs per passenger . Waiting to see what BA have to say this time. I don't think I will be using them again if I can avoid it. The difference between economy and club is an expensive meal.

Frustratedasin - 21/08/2015 13:50

Booked business class from lax to bcn.when got inside flt ba480,SURPRISE. No business class.seriously, I paid three times than economy and freaking British airline even cannot provide freaking power supply to my cell phone. And horrible seats. Do not pay for club Europe. It is just economy cheap seats

haldane - 26/08/2015 07:15

I agree with other contributors - never again! The legroom on a Club Europe seat on a four hour flight is unacceptable. There are alternatives - and I shall be using them. I only wish BA made it clear at the time of booking that the legroom in Club Europe is no greater than Euro Traveller. I wonder why they don't?

Spread the word.....

Knickam - 10/09/2015 21:27

Recently flew from Istanbul to Heathrow in Club Europe then on to Aberdeen, And i totally agree, Never again, I am 6'4'' and was in agony at the end of the first flight.
I had managed to get an exit seat on the domestic leg and had a little more leg room in an economy seat!.
Thankfully I have the option of travelling via Amsterdam with KLM who still have a seat pitch around the same as the old Club Europe.
If you have to go to Istanbul from London I would be booking an alternative airline.
At worst you will get the equivalent of the old Club Europe seats, At best 2X2 comfortable business seats with loads of legroom and excellent recline.

TravelPro15 - 04/10/2015 06:01

Flying OTP to LHR and then stateside today. Flight BA 885. I can't believe how little space there is in business class.

I am 6ft and in row 4 my knees hit the chair in front of me. If they would recline they'll be in my lap. As others pointed out, it would be impossible to work with a laptop.

I have flown Lufthansa business class to OTP and although the arrangement with the middle table is similar, the seat pitch is greater and there just generally seems to be more space. I don't see why I would pay business class for this. I can take my own food for little extra in economy. On top of this, I guess BA does not want to pay for the plane to use the jetbridge, so we had the most idiotic 30 second bus ride from the door of the gate to the plane that was standing at the other side of the road.
Back to Lufthansa.

Bob54321 - 18/11/2015 16:30

I flew Club Europe from Heathrow to Istanbul, as part of a first class ticket from Phoenix to Istanbul. After paying over three times economy fare for my ticket, I was shocked and disappointed at the inferior quality of Club Europe. First, the leg room (32") was among the worst, even compared to budget airlines like RyanAir. The seat was a cheap economy seat with the middle seat of the 3 blocked. Nothing else. Four hours of misery. I will never fly Club Europe again. I will never book a British Airways ticket that includes Club Europe. My outrage onboard the plane included the words "fraud" and "refund". My formal complaint to BA elicited a polite denial of any compensation for this horrible experience. Do not fly Club Europe!


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